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I've hit a wall. My scenario simply doesn't make sense. I'm using the jquery address pluglin

Here is my issue:

A user enters a url with an argument like so:


The jquery address change function sees it fine and calls the appropriate method:

$.address.change(function(e) {

var urlAux = e.value.split('=');
var page   = urlAux[0];
var arg  = urlAux[1];

alert("page: " + page);
alert("arg: " + arg);

if (page == "/view_profile") {


    $('#main').load("view_profile.php?id=" + arg, function () { 
    alert("FUNCTION CALLED");

Now, here's my issue; a user enters a new URL like so:


The address change is triggered but it never gets inside my if block. If I enter the same address a second time it does trigger the code in my if block.

Is this a known issue or does it have something to do with page caching somehow?

output from first URL:

page: /view_profile
arg: 1

output from second URL:

page: /view_profile
arg: 2
**** Why is the if block not being triggered? ***

output from second URL (agian):

page: /view_profile
arg: 2

I'm stumped...

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try alert(page == "/view_profile") just before the if statement ... or put another alert inside your block, at the beginning... perhaps the problem is not at the if statement –  Alejandro Martin Aug 17 '11 at 17:52

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