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I am finishing a site for a client and they want to import their customer database. Is there an effective way to import such data? I have used AJW Datagrab for importing data, but this is different.

Any suggestions?

I noticed that EE has an xml import template is there a handy way to convert a spreadsheet to an xml file that would fit that format?


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ExpressionEngine 1.x used to come bundled with three native first-party Import Utilities:

  • pMachine Pro Import Utility
  • Movable Type Import Utility
  • Member Import Utility

With the rewrite of ExpressionEngine 2.x, only the following made the conversion:

  • Member Import Utility

You can access it within the Control Panel at: CP Home > Tools > Utilities > Import Utilities.

The first-party Member Import Utility allows you to import members from other systems into ExpressionEngine, in the following two formats:

  • Import from XML File - Allows you to import members from an XML file in ExpressionEngine's Member XML format.

  • Convert Delimited Text to XML - Allows you to create an ExpressionEngine Member XML file from another application's delimited text file.

If you're looking to import more than just Members into your ExpressionEngine database, DataGrab by Andrew Weaver of Brand New Box in the UK is your best choice.

DataGrab allows you to import data from RSS/ATOM feeds, CSV files and XML files. Other datatypes can be added.

Among DataGrab's many uses are:

  • Importing initial content into ExpressionEngine from other CMS's (WordPress, Tumblr, etc.)
  • Aggregating data from your various websites from around the internet, such as Twitter or Flickr (using RSS feeds or APIs)
  • Keeping product stock or price details synchronised with an external system

You can also harness EE's powerful, built-in functionality (flexible templating, search, archives), DataGrab makes your data easily available as a channel entry.

The developer of DataGrab provides a walk thru on using CSV imports with DataGrab, perfect for use with Excel documents or a Google Docs Spreadsheets.

Surprisingly, the once-popular Solspace Importer still hasn't made the conversion to EE2.

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Hi rjb, excellent. Thank once again for the detailed instructions. I have been using DataGrab on a number of projects and don't know how I would make it without it. I had not seen the member import utility but I believe that will fit the bill. The client has 300+ members to import and that would be one tedious job for someone to hand enter... Thanks again. – fmz Aug 17 '11 at 19:23

A bit late, but for the record Solspace Importer is now ee2.x compatible. The big advantage over DataGrab is Importer's ability to call with JSON.

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