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I am populating a dropdown with dynamic values and on change of that dropdown I am calling another function. Now if only one value comes for the dropdown I want to show it as a static text and at the the same time call the function. Any suggestions ?

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Please post some code... –  Nayish Aug 17 '11 at 18:01

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If you provide your code I will be able to give a more customized answer, but here goes:

1: When you fetch the dynamic data for the dropdownlist, use a count based if / else

1.1 : If the number of values fetched is 1 (one) then 1.1.1 : Hide the dropdownlist and inset a literal in it's position 1.1.2 : Call the second function

1.2 : If more than 1 (one) values is feteched then 1.2.1 : Populate the dropdownlist with the values 1.2.2 : Bind the .change() function to the dropdownlist

Sample Code:

        url: 'asdasd',
        type: POST,
        success: function(data){
            var p = [];
            $.each(data, function(key, val){
                p.push(key, val);
            if(p.length > 1)
                // bind values to dropdownlist and add handle for change event


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if i understand you correctly you're filling a select dynamically and binding a function to its change event, and if the value is 'MyValue' run a special code. you can add this change to your function something like:

if $(this).val() == 'YourValue')
// Do whatever you have to do when this value is selected
// General processing for the change event
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thnx for your answer but here I am not concerned with the values that are coming, my concern is the no of option values.If the no of option value is 1 then I want to change the dropdown to text and at the same time call a function. –  OddOneOut Aug 17 '11 at 18:42
I don't understand no of Option can you get it from the option value? I suggest to make 2 controls like <span>Your Text</span> and your dropdown then according to option selected hide & show yours controls. –  Frenchi In LA Aug 17 '11 at 22:02

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