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I need to to a git checkout in pure PHP. I already tried this ( http://www.phpclasses.org/package/5310-PHP-Retrieve-project-files-from-GIT-repositories.html ) with HTTP and SASL, but I didn't really work. Then I took a look at GLIP ( https://github.com/patrikf/glip ), but that doesn't seem to have any functionality like this. Basically I need to

-replicate/clone a remote git repository

-"extract" master branch files into a specified directory

The main problem with PHP GIT is, that it just didn't supported all possible changes you could do in a commit. Only new files, no moving around of files. And it was also unable to extract files.

/edit: git is not installed and I also cannot install git

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Here is a nearly identical question. performing-a-git-pull-in-pure-php –  Andy Aug 17 '11 at 18:52
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You can try with

Git Streamwrapper for PHP is a PHP library that allows PHP code to interact with one or multiple Git repositories from within an application. The library consists of a Git repository abstraction that can be used to programatically access Git repositories and of a stream wrapper that can be hooked into the PHP stream infrastructure to allow the developer to use file and directory access functions directly on files in a Git repository. The library provides means to access status information on a Git repository, such as the log, the current repository status or commit information, as well.

It requires Git to be installed on the machine though and is in beta as of this writing.

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Sorry that I forgot to mention it but - git is not installed and I cannot install it (shared webspace) :( –  dom0 Aug 17 '11 at 18:09
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I've developed a pretty good PHP library to manipulate git repositories, you should consider it: http://gitonomy.com/doc/gitlib/master/

Looks like this:

$repository = new Gitonomy\Git\Repository('/path/to/repository');
$master     = $repository->getReferences()->getBranch('master');

$author = $master->getCommit()->getAuthorName();

echo "Last modification on master made by ".$author;
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