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Consider the following situation. I've 2 types of backgrounds: 1.Photoshop gradients for which I use CSS markup like:

                background-image: url('imgs/gradient.png');
                background-repeat: repeat-x;
                background-color: #000000;

2.Background patterns for which the markup is as follows


The following Jquery is responsible for the background change:

$(function() {
            $('a').click(function() {
                var currentLink = $(this);
                var which = $(this).attr('id');
                //Color scheme variables(image,color)
                var image = '';
                var color = '';
      //gradient + color background
                if (which == 'a1')
                    {image = "url(backgrounds/pat2.png)";
                    color = "#3a2c33";}
     //pattern type background
                       else if(which == 'a2')
                    {image = "url(backgrounds/pat4.jpg)";
                    color = " ";}
                if(color != " "){
                    $('html').css("background-image", image);
                    $('html').css("background-color", color);
                    $('html').css("background", image);
            return false;

If I select pattern type background and then gradient/color type background the background color couldn't be initialised.

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Maybe you need to clear the background attribute since it may be leaving both background, background-image, and background-color all at once?

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Rather than juggle background CSS values in JS, you should use a class on html and toggle that.

html { background-image:url('paper.gif'); }
html.alt { background:#000 url('imgs/gradient.png') repeat-x; }
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here's a jsfiddle using this concept –  MikeM Aug 17 '11 at 19:11

I think that the background style should be on body and not on the html

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