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I've read 1,000 posts saying it's possible, but for the life of me, I can't find how to create a vector in XAML from a PNG. Could somebody please point me to any posts that explain how I can create a vector from a PNG for use in a WPF application?

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Hopefully this will help

Download and install Inkscape (internally using Potrace). Here is a good article on the subject:
Vectorize Bitmaps to XAML using Potrace and Inkscape.
Here is a summary from the link..

  • Run Inkscape
  • Select "File -> Open" and browser to your PNG
  • When you're asked about "Link or embed image:", select "embed"
  • Select the newly opened image with the Mouse
  • Select "Path -> Trace Bitmap..."
  • Select "Colors" in the "Multiple scans: create a group of paths" GroupBox
  • Select "OK" to execute the trace
  • Close the "Trace Bitmap" Window
  • Delete the original image by selecting "Edit -> Invert Selection" and press Delete.
  • Choose "File -> Save As...", select "Microsoft XAML" and save

..and you should have your XAML file converted from a PNG.

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Thank you very much! – senfo Aug 18 '11 at 0:18

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