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I'm currently try to get my sunspot / solr to work. In Dev its all fine and good. But when it comes to production, I'll get the following error.

RSolr::RequestError (Solr Response: Not Found):
  app/controllers/examples_controller.rb:48:in `update'

sunspot.yml looks like this:

    hostname: localhost
    port: 8983
    path: '/opt/apache-solr-3.3.0/example'
    log_level: WARNING
    pid_dir: '/var/run'

Can anybody sort that out?

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Looks like solr is not available, do a "curl localhost:8983/solr"; and see what you get. –  Maurício Linhares Aug 17 '11 at 19:27
Hi Maurício, I'll get the webconsole of solr. It works. So much for the good part... –  Phaenotyp Aug 17 '11 at 19:43

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The path option is the path component of your Solr server's URL. It should read /solr rather than the filesystem path you have now. As it is, Sunspot is trying to connect to http://localhost:8983/opt/apache-solr-3.3.0/example ;)

The correct version:

   hostname: localhost
   port: 8983
   path: /solr
   log_level: WARNING
   pid_dir: /var/run

(Also, don't forget to copy Sunspot's standard schema.xml into your Solr directory somewhere under /opt/apache-solr-3.3.0)

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