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Here is an example usage of list associations taken from BLToolkit http://bltoolkit.net/(S(ibvuiu3itvirtq550l4r0n55))/Doc.LinqAssociations.ashx


public class Category
        [PrimaryKey, Identity] public int    CategoryID;
        [NotNull]              public string CategoryName;
                               public string Description;
                               public Binary Picture;

        [Association(ThisKey="CategoryID", OtherKey="CategoryID")]
        public List<Product> Products;



public abstract class Product
            [PrimaryKey, Identity]                      public int      ProductID;
            [NotNull]                                   public string   ProductName;
                                                        public int?     SupplierID;
                                                        public int?     CategoryID;
                                                        public string   QuantityPerUnit;
                                                        public decimal? UnitPrice;
                                                        public short?   UnitsInStock;
                                                        public short?   UnitsOnOrder;
                                                        public short?   ReorderLevel;
            [MapField(IsInheritanceDiscriminator=true)] public bool     Discontinued;

            [Association(ThisKey="ProductID",  OtherKey="ProductID")]
            public List<OrderDetail> OrderDetails;

            [Association(ThisKey="CategoryID", OtherKey="CategoryID", CanBeNull=false)]
            public Category Category;

            [Association(ThisKey="SupplierID", OtherKey="SupplierID", CanBeNull=false)]
            public Supplier Supplier;

When I try

using (var db = new NorthwindDB())
            var query =
                from p in db.Product
                select new

            foreach (var item in query)

Returns with product CategoryName

BUT WHEN I TRY THIS WAY (like linq2Sql)

  var db1 = new NorthwindDB();

Category returns null????

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Try this

var db1 = new NorthwindDB(); 
db1.Product.Select(prod => prod.Category.CategoryName).First();

I Think this does the same. Anyway about the "like linq2Sql", L2S has lazy loading, Blt doesn't

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