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I have a development server and a couple of production ones. I do commits from the dev to a remote repository and have git push production setup, that issues a pull from the production servers. I needed to remove a couple of directories with static files from being tracked so I did this

Have Git Stop Tracking a File (summary: did git rm --cached myfolders, and after that added to .gitignore the folders)

I have not yet committed the changes. The files show as deleted when doing git status

#       deleted:    file1.jpg
#       deleted:    file2.jpg
#       deleted:    file3.jpg
#       deleted:    file4.jpg
#       deleted:    file5.jpg

My concern is: will the 'deleted' files be removed from production servers (from disk) when git pull is being performed? I just want them untracked, but not deleted from disk.


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I can't help thinking that managing a deployment to production in this way is not a good idea. – Brian Agnew Aug 17 '11 at 19:55
I agree with you. Don't know if you would consider it better that the pull is not really automatic, I do "git push production" from dev. Edited the question. I personally prefer a rsync script to do all that. – Mecca Aug 17 '11 at 20:24
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Yes, if you pull a commit that includes deletions, the files will be deleted. You'll need to restore the files manually afterwards.

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Yes, the files will be deleted if you do a git pull. Git couldn't do anything else - suppose some code in the repository depended on the existence or non-existence of some file. Removing a file might have a significant resulting behaviour, so Git must remove the file when pulling.

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Thanks! Was about to do a big mistake in this case :) – Mecca Aug 17 '11 at 20:09

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