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I am trying to put together a list of bios for names found in some websites.

I have names and corresponding websites :

name      website
John Doe  abc.com
Steve J   apple.com

For instance, I want to search for John Doe @ http://abc.com

I want to fetch the urls in that site where John Doe was found :

ex :


Of course I want to conform to robots.txt on each website. I am not data mining, I already know that a person 'X' is associated to a website 'Y' to list his bio. I am sure the website admin won't mind that!

I came across Scrapy but I don't know the exact URL where the name is found on a website. All I have is the root of the website and I want the crawler to crawl through each linked page.

While typing this I started wondering why not key in the search query and website in to Google and retireve the result all in an automated fashion - but Google doesn't let you do that in their ToS I assume.

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google.com/… you could try google's api –  Jochen Ritzel Aug 17 '11 at 21:29
Going through Google APIs that let me do this and retrieve results (title, url, website snippet). –  ThinkCode Aug 17 '11 at 21:33

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