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I'm really new in this topic, and these are what I would like to know first:

  • What are the basics of Online Money Transfers?
  • How to enable people to pay using their bank accounts or credit cards like MasterCard and Visa? Do they have an API or something like PayPall?
  • What are the security risks, and how to protect the tranfers?
  • And anything what is helpful to understand and learn the process.

My question is related to money transfers trough web sites / web services. I mean like web-shops, Google Adsense etc...

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First, the basics as I would think you need to know them. More info may be found here though.

  1. The basics are, direct to an online payment system and provide the necessary data;
  2. Hand the customer off to the prebuild system.

The second question is then, I think, answered too, you simply provide those details and the payment system handles the rest. To be specific, yes, you make use of a provided API.

This also minimizes security risks, a customer is directed to a safe, ssl / tls encrypted connection with paypal ( for example by the way )

Furtermore I would really recommend typing your questions the stupidest way imaginable into Google ( not meant as a pun ). Typing: "How does paypal work" might work a thousand times better than asking the question on a forum like this.

Further recommended reading:

To save you a lot of trouble, you might want to investigate a bit more before building an actual application. The format in which you need to present certain data is always provided in the API description.

When using php, please refrain from the use of sessions. Since these are accessible relatively easy inside a browser. Use serialization() in combination with base64_encode() instead.
You might want to write a manager for the serialized pieces of data to be able to locate them globally.

For instance:

        private static $serializations_bucket = array(); 

        public static function setData($value = null, $id = null, $encode = true) 
             $sV = serialize($value);
             return self::$serializations_bucket[$id] = ($encode ? base64_encode($sV) : $sV);

        public static function getData($value = null, $id = null, $decode = true)
             if ($id)
                 $v = self::$serializations_bucket[$id];
                 return unserialize(($decode ? base64_decode($v) : $v));

Handling your own, and user inputted data as safe as can be is critical in these kinds of applications. Please do read up on sql-injection and always escape input before moving it somewhere, or using it with code.

My main advise remains, interfere as little as possible with the actual payment process and test the application first on a local server using 0,01 cents to transfer between accounts you own.

Should you have any questions remaining. Please feel free to ask them.

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