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I have a function that outputs a path, here are some results:


I want to cut everything from these excepting filename and two parent directories, so the ones above will look like:


So basically I have to find the third "/" from the end and display it with everything afterwards.

I don't know PHP too good, but I guess this is pretty easy to achieve with substr(), stripos() and strlen(), so:

$string ="http://server.com/subdirectory/subdiretory/2001/22/file.txt"
$end = strlen($string);
$slash = // How to get the right slash using stripos()?
$output = substr($string, $slash, $end);
echo $output;

Is this the right way of doing this, or maybe there's another in-built function that searches for -nth symbols within a string?

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I say give up on str functions, just explode, array_slice and implode it =)

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+1 for beating me to my answer :) –  Cfreak Aug 17 '11 at 21:38
You'll, of course, need to re-implode if you do this to get a string back. (Also, you don't need to pass the 3 length argument; array_slice will include up to the end of the array by default.) –  John Flatness Aug 17 '11 at 21:41
@John, thanks for the note about unnecessary param, i had actually caught the implode before your note ;) –  Shad Aug 17 '11 at 21:44

Explode and then implode is real easy. But if you wanted to use a string function instead, you can use strrpos.

$string ="http://server.com/subdirectory/subdiretory/2001/22/file.txt"
$slash = strrpos( $string, '/', -3 ); // -3 should be the correct offset.
$subbed = substr( $string, $slash ); //length doesn't need to be specified.
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