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I have a server and seven "groups" of clients that I need to send SMS messages to. Each "group" contains ~100 cell phone numbers, and should be structured like this:

Message 1 -> Group 1

Message 2 -> Group 2


Assuming all group members are using verizon, could I just have my server transmit messages to the group members via verizon's sms gateway?

Message 1 could be sent to num1@vtext.com + num2@vtext.com.....num100@vtext.com.
Message 2, same thing, but num101-num200.

Do you see any problems with this?

Could all messages to all groups be sent from a single email address?

Would something like Kannel help me at all?

Thank you for your time :)

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The only problem I can see is that Verizon is likely to have a spam limit (as a reference, AT&T's limit is 250 messages per domain per hour). If time isn't an issue, then you should be fine.

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Nice! Thanks for that. How would you get that kind of information from other carriers? I tried calling verizon and nobody could help me. Also - are you sure it's per domain, or is there any possibility that it's per email? –  SB2055 Aug 17 '11 at 21:54
I have to head out for a bit, but this may be handy link. –  ChrisForrence Aug 17 '11 at 22:12

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