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I am trying to invoke the java method below to a CFM page and I can not seem to get it. Additionally I need to set the values from CF session variables.

Provider.sendResponse(getServletContext(), response, IntegrationIDs.AuthnContextClasses.name, userName, attributes);

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Here is my code example

<cfset Obj = createobject("java","com.blah.blah.blah.Provider")/>

<cfset servletContext = />
<cfset response = />
<cfset serverName = SESSION.server/>
<cfset authnContext = />
<cfset uid = SESSION.uid />
<cfset attributes = />
<cfset targetUrl = http://yyy.com/>

<cfset Obj_value = Obj.sendResponse(
             javax.servlet.ServletContext servletContext,
             javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse response,
             java.lang.String ServerName,
             java.lang.String authnContext,
             java.lang.String uid,
             java.lang.String targetUrl)/> 

Am I approaching this the wrong way. Thank you in advance for any assistance. Greatly appreciate.

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Your example doesn't show the actual invoking of the object. I should see something like createobject("java","com.blah.blah.blah.classname").init() followed by "setup" of varialbes to pass ... like "Repsonse=session.somevariabl" ... the example you give is too incomplete to tell exactly where you are stumped.

To access a session variable you use "session.XXX". Session is like a hash table or vector (a "structure" in CF lingo). if "username" was stored in the session your example above could look like

Provider.sendResponse(getServletContext(), response, IntegrationIDs.AuthnContextClasses.name, session.Username, attributes);

But with out a bit more example code to go on I'm not sure what problem you need to solve :)

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You do not need to define the parameter types in your call. You are confusing calling a method with defining one.

<cfset Obj_value = Obj.sendResponse(
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