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id | title | sub
1  | one   | sub1
2  | two   | sub2

public function executeSearch(sfWebRequest $request)
  $q = Doctrine_Core::getTable('News')
          ->where("a.title LIKE %?%", array($request->getParameter('text')));

  if ($request->getParameter('sub')){
           $q->andWhere('a.subtile = sub2');
  $test = $q->execute();

if i send title = one then show me ok, same as if title = two, but if i entered in input search "one two" then this not working. How change SQL query and code for this? I would like if i entered "one two", then show me title id 1 and title id 2. Now nothing show.

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You need to break the search query to words, and add them all to the doctrine query:

foreach(explode(" ", $request->getParameter("title")) as $v) {
  $q->orWhere("a.title LIKE %?%", $v);
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This worked for me:

foreach(explode(" ", $request->getParameter("title")) as $k => $v) {
   ->orWhere('u.email LIKE :keyword'.$k )
   ->setParameter('keyword'.$k, '%'.$v.'%');

That was the only way Doctrine has accepted parameters with LIKE %.

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