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I am trying to install LocalSolr following the instruction here:


Unfortunately things are not working well.

In the document, it says:

To install these into solr simply copy the following jars to solr's lib directory. located in apache-solr-1.*/example/solr/lib

I have noticed that I don't have a folder called "lib" under example/solr, so I built it myself and copied all the mentioned files to it.

And I went to the next step which was altering solrconfig.xml and schema.xml as instructed in here: http://www.gissearch.com/localsolr

and restarted my ApacheSolr, but got the following error:

org.apache.solr.common.SolrException: Error loading class 'com.pjaol.search.solr.component.LocalSolrQueryComponent'

I can't figure out how to fix this problem so I would appreciate the help.

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Solr includes official spatial search functionality as of version 3. Based on my experience running Websolr, I recommend you upgrade to Solr 3.3 rather than wrestle with LocalSolr.

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