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So I messed up while playing with the content:// database on my phone. I managed to insert a new calendar with null as a displayName; and now my Calendar app is crashing on open saying "The display name can't be null".

So now I'm trying to delete that calendar but I'm stuck... Here is what I'm trying:

Here is the list of calendars in the DB

INFO/System.out(4170): Id: 1 Display Name: Selected: true INFO/System.out(4170): Id: 3 Display Name: null Selected: true

And then I want to delete the second one so:

Uri cal = Uri.parse("content://");
getContentResolver().delete(cal, "_id=?", new String[] {"3"});

Without success.... any ideas? It doesn't crash, but the query returns 0, meaning no rows have been deleted. Thanks in advance

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This content provider is undocumented, unsupported, may not exist on all devices, and may not be available in future versions of Android. Please use the Google Calendar GData API for accessing a user's Google Calendar. – CommonsWare Aug 18 '11 at 11:00
try " _id =? " instead of "_id=?" – Hamzeh Soboh Mar 25 at 10:36

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