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For sometime ago, I notice that few big design blog like SmashingMagazine, Noupe and other implement lazy loading on their image. I suppose this helps in optimizing their load time and save server resource.

Then I come to this jQuery lazyload for image, but the plugin is broke and not working for new browser. Would like to know is lazyload still recommended for optimizing website?

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That depends on how many images you have and how important they are, there are many solutions to improving your performance ( you can find a presentation about the topic here) and most of them depend on how your website is organized and what are our needs.

So, if your website has a lot of small icons that are reused in many different places ( like amazon does ), you can use CSS sprites, you can use images encoded directly on the HTML, like google has been doing a lot and you can do lazy-load, so it all depends on your situation.

But going back to the lazy load plugin, look for javascript errors or things like that, if it doesn't work you can even build a lazy loader for yourself, should not be that complicated. Here's a hack that could possibly work (I did not run it, so I can't be sure):

<img lazy_loaded_src="/some_image.jpeg" class="lazy_loaded"/>

And then in JavaScript:

jQuery( "img.lazy_loaded" ).each( function () {
  var image = jQuery( this );
  image.attr( "src", image.attr("lazy_loaded_src") );
} );

This should have the same lazy-load behavior as long as you do it after the page has loaded.

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Thank you. This clarify well. – TonyTakeshi Aug 18 '11 at 2:49

Odd that it is broke. Maybe it's conflicting with your version of jQuery?

I use lazy load of images. It is a nice technique to use in certain situations.

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Hmm.. Not compatible with new browser perhaps. Sorry for the confusion. – TonyTakeshi Aug 18 '11 at 2:42
@Tony shouldn't really be a problem as jQuery is just a javascript library... haven't looked at lazy load myself. – Jason Aug 18 '11 at 3:51

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