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I have a question using Spring i18n. Can i pass parameters to i18ned messages from other message codes.

For eg.


Message1=This is {YesKey} 
Message2=This is {NoKey}

Is there any alternative to this if i cann't implement .

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As fare I know it is not possible use a message in an other message simply by using there name. -- This is not a limitation of spring, it is a limitation of java.text.MessageFormat.

But what you can do is this:



Message1=This is {0} 
Message2=This is {0}

java code

 MessageSource messageSource =...
 String param = messageSource.getMessage("YesKey",
                      new Object[0], Locale.English);
 String message = messageSource.getMessage("Message1",
                      new Object[]{param}, Locale.English);

or in jsp(x):

 <spring:message var="param" code="YesKey" />
 <spring:message var="message" code="Message1" arguments="${param}" />
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