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I'm building a LINQ query using a loop that appends predicates using an array:

foreach (string tag in tags)
    result = result.Where(p => (p.TagsDelimited).Contains("," + tag + ","));

This creates all the necessary clauses, but each clause compares only the last element in the tags array, producing the sql

(((',' + [t0].[TagsDelimited]) + ',') LIKE '%,taglast,%') AND (((',' + [t0].[TagsDelimited]) + ',') LIKE '%,taglast,%')

instead of one clause for each tag.

I can work around this by adding

string temp = tag;

inside the for loop and using temp instead of tag.

The question is: How is this possible!?

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The lambda captures the variable, not the value.

For more explanation, you might want to read my answer to this question

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