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I have such regular expression which checked for at least one special character in the string:


But how could i change this one to check for at least one special character or at leas one number in the string?

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give examples of passing and failing input –  Bohemian Aug 18 '11 at 5:30

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would match anything followed by a special character followed by anything.

Notice that I just removed the 0-9 from the character class (characters included in the square brackets).

Also, I removed the ^ and $ markers -- those match the beginning and end of string respectively. You don't need it because you're making it redundant with the .* (match zero or more of any character) anyway.

In fact, if you're just checking if the string contains a special character, then the following is good enough:

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just beautiful! :) thanks –  cesarferreira Aug 5 at 11:59

you can use the Expresso, it is a smart tool for generate RegExps Expresso

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