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I have been searching for the perfect image thumbnaim previewer for a image gallery http://www.simplyshadows.com/dev/gallery.html. I checked out many of them finally I selected to use one found at http://marioedgar.com, the actual page seems to be there no more. The problematic part of its behavior can be seen in the gallery itself which is the image make some random movements when images at the sides are previewed and the thumbs happen to cross the screen.

I also reviewed a couple of other:


-- very very reactive

--cuts at the bottom


--seems some kind of dreamweaver extension, not sure if it will work fine with images near the page border

http://www.dynamicdrive.com/style/csslibrary/item/css_smart_image_enlarger/ -- Not sure if it will work fine with images near the page border and the opening is too abrupt, which can be easily modified up updating the js

All of these previewers support thumbs of different height/width ratio. Now my question is if somebody happen to know the perfect image previewer ope source or paid, that would be very helpful to me. My client wants a previewer that wont distract the visitor, should open up intelligently taking into account the image position and size, no haphazard movements in all it should be the perfect image previewer.

I have spent hours and hours searching on internet, and most of them in fact deal with images with fixed height/width ratio. If anybody can help me to find one either open source or paid , that would be wonderful. Thank you.

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