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I need to make a pixel editor in iPad similar like Microsoft Paint when displaying per pixel of the image, would like some advise on approach :

  • Should I make a series of UIButtons stacked in grid fashion in a UIScrollView? (sounds pretty resourceful and laggy), tapping the uibutton will toggle state to display the pixel.

  • Should I draw line grids using coregraphic and detect taps using gesturerecognizer (I like this, but need some code samples).

  • Or should I look into using UITableView and making use of reusable cells for the editor? (This seems like how apple would advise).

Hope to get some interesting responses!

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A custom-drawn view (i. e. Core Graphics) is the only reasonable approach. Anything using multiple views will lag with larger images, no matter if it's UIButtons or UITableViewCells.

For a general Core Graphics introduction, try the official one or that one.

To draw your fat pixels with a grid, you could either fill the entire canvas with the grid colour, then fill the fat pixels with the respective colour using UIRectFill() taking into account the proper grid spacing. Or you could draw the grid lines with -[UIBezierPath stroke] and a bezier path that encloses the fat pixel.

Also, for performance reasons you will probably want to respect the dirty rect passed to -[UIView drawRect:] so as to not draw regions that don’t need to be redrawn.

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Mind providing some guidance on coregraphic to draw grid lines? I don't really know much about CoreGraphics. :D Thanks! – wahkiz Aug 18 '11 at 7:50
I updated my answer with documentation links and a suggestion how you could implement grid lines. – gcbrueckmann Aug 18 '11 at 8:07

I'd use the UITableView. It's way more efficient and easier to do than a grid full with UIButtons. Yep, CG is the proper way, I think

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UITableView is nice, but only works in a vertical fashion :( – wahkiz Aug 18 '11 at 7:51

I think using GridView will be more efficient, ref : DTGridView

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I tried using DTGridView, it was quite laggy as I load 30x30 grids on the iPad. Also, it have problems with UIImageView and occasional missing cells. – wahkiz Aug 18 '11 at 7:49

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