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I am using PHP and want to mark religious holidays on Christian calendar. How could I convert Christian solar calendar into Muslim Lunar calendar?


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Google gives loads of solutions: google.com/search?q=Islamic+calendar+php –  sanmai Aug 18 '11 at 6:35
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PHP doesn't seem to have inbuilt support for this, but there are several libraries available. Take a look at this for example:


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Another page around calender conversion algorithms: calmath.couprie.org –  Jens Struwe Aug 18 '11 at 6:37
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Note that for most Muslims, the Hijri/Hegira calendar is based on observation, not calculation, so no algorithm can be 100% correct. With precise astronomical calculations, a specific reference location, and a weather forecast, you can get close, but basically, the new month doesn't start in any given locale until a recognized official in that locale sees the first crescent moon at sunset. This is not a standard that lends itself to easy automation.

For general edification around this topic, I recommend the book Calendrical Calculations, which is an entertaining discussion of the mathematics of calendar conversion. It includes Lisp and Java code for converting among a large number of calendars, including two takes on the Hijri.

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