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I want to make certain folders read-only for the developers while some subfolders in that folder as write also.

For example, consider the folder structure:


I want the developers to have read permission to //Meeting/ but write permission to //Meeting/.../DevInfo/...

Can I use the following code?

read group developers * //Meeting/...
write group developers * //Meeting/.../DevInfo/...

I think it should be correct, but visual in P4 shows that the whole structure of //Meeting/ is write-allowed for developers.

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Change the write access line to:

write group developers * //Meeting/*/DevInfo/...

The * character means "all files within the Meeting directory, excluding subdirectories".

The ... entry that you had before means "all files and subdirectories under //Meeting", so it overrode the following DevInfo/... section.

Try running the following to check what the protection levels are:

p4 protects //Meeting/...
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