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        <%= form_for rating_ballot, :html => { :class => 'rating_ballot' } do |f| %>
            <%= f.label("value_1", content_tag(:span, '1'), {:class=>"rating", :id=>"1"})
            radio_button_tag("rating[value]", 1, current_user_rating == 1, :class => 'rating_button') %>
            <%= f.label("value_2", content_tag(:span, '2'), {:class=>"rating", :id=>"2"})
            radio_button_tag("rating[value]", 2, current_user_rating == 2, :class => 'rating_button') %>
            <%= f.label("value_3", content_tag(:span, '3'), {:class=>"rating", :id=>"3"})
            radio_button_tag("rating[value]", 3, current_user_rating == 3, :class => 'rating_button') %>
            <%= f.label("value_4", content_tag(:span, '4'), {:class=>"rating", :id=>"4"})
            radio_button_tag("rating[value]", 4, current_user_rating == 4, :class => 'rating_button') %>
            <%= f.label("value_5", content_tag(:span, '5'), {:class=>"rating", :id=>"5"})
            radio_button_tag("rating[value]", 5, current_user_rating == 5, :class => 'rating_button') %>

            <%= hidden_field_tag("message", msg.message) %>
            <%= f.submit :Submit %>
        <%- end -%>

This is my form, I'm trying to create a system for users to rank messages in a "star" system form this tutorial. I have followed all the instructions on the tutorial but when I include this form I get a nomethoderror undefined method 'ratings_path'. In my home_helper I have

  def rating_ballot
    if @rating = current_user.ratings.find_by_id(params[:msg])

  def current_user_rating
    if @rating = current_user.ratings.find_by_id(params[:msg])

Why am I getting this error? Thanks

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This is a routing problem. *_path are known as path helpers. Run rake routes to see what routes you have. You'll likely need to add new routes for your actions in order to use the path helpers. From your code, I'm guessing you'll need:

resources :ratings

But it's anyones guess what the rest of your application looks like.

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Thanks for your help but that didn't work, What other code should I post so that I can get help with this problem? Thanks – user852974 Aug 18 '11 at 7:15
It looks like in your helper you're initializing your action? You might want to go back to the drawing board and look up some MVC resources. Otherwise, I'd prefer to see your controller rather than the helper. – Stefan Mai Aug 18 '11 at 7:18
I dont have any code related to the rating_ballot in my home_controller – user852974 Aug 18 '11 at 7:19
What does rake routes return? Do you have a rating model? It looks like the helper is just returning a rating. – Stefan Mai Aug 18 '11 at 7:24
OK, I solved it by doing resources :ratings instead of resources :rating_ballot. Thanks for your help. – user852974 Aug 18 '11 at 7:29

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