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i am getting error on the line to set polyline color option my code,

GEvent.addListener(polyline, "click", function() {polyline.setOptions(options: { strokeColor: 'blue' })};

but if i try this,

GEvent.addListener(polyline, "click", function() {alert("clicked");});

it works fine

How to set polyline color on click ??

i also try this,

GEvent.addListener(polyline, "click", function() {PolylineOptions({ strokeStyle: new StrokeStyle({color: 0xFF0000})}); 

it is also resulting in error HOPES for your reply...

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It looks like you're mixing up the Maps API V3 and Maps API V2 syntax.

  • Maps API V2 uses setStrokeStyle not setOptions to change Polyline options
  • Maps API V2 uses hex color codes (rather than 'blue' etc)

The following should work.

GEvent.addListener(polyline, "click", function() {
  polyline.setStrokeStyle({ color: "#FF0000" });
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thanks alot u code help me out i have been sicken tired to find out the error and moake my code helpfull – Syed Raza Aug 19 '11 at 3:22
one more thing i wanna ask in this post about marker if you dont mind ? how can i change my marker color too on click event ....Hopes for your suggestions – Syed Raza Aug 19 '11 at 3:30
Hey Syed - Can you post it as a new Stack Overflow question? That way other people with the same problem can easily search for it. If you tag it as google-maps I'll make sure I answer it. – plexer Aug 21 '11 at 0:11
i have posted this in new Stack Over Flow question ...… – Syed Raza Aug 24 '11 at 4:26

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