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I am newbie to mongodb and mongoose orm. I wrote a sample coffeescript to store data into mongodb, but database is not created, Here is my code:

mongoose = require('mongoose')

db = mongoose.connect('mongodb://localhost/test')

people = [{
    bio: 'hello1'
    first_name: 'jay'
    last_name: 'roger'
    bio: 'hello2'
    first_name: 'jay'
    last_name: 'roger'

artist_schema = new mongoose.Schema
     bio: String
     first_name: String
     last_name: String

artist_model = mongoose.model "artist", artist_schema

artist_doc = new mongoose.Collection 'artists', db

for person in people
    artist = new artist_model person
    artist_doc.insert artist

After executing the above script, db is not created in mongodb.

Am I missing anything?

Regards, gms

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got the solution for storing data, correct code is: for person in people: artist = new artist_model person; artist.save() –  girishs Aug 18 '11 at 8:55

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I saw your comment, but wanted to suggest (for others that may find this) a way to do this with comprehensions that I think is preferable. Change the last three lines from:

for person in people
    artist = new artist_model person
    artist_doc.insert artist


artist_doc.insert new artist_model(person) for person in people
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Sample how to use Mongo Model with CoffeeScript http://alexeypetrushin.github.com/mongo-model/basics.html

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no need to create artist_doc

just do artist.save

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