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I'm using the following to play audio:

OSStatus PlayRenderCallback (
                              void *                        inRefCon,
                              AudioUnitRenderActionFlags *  ioActionFlags,
                              const AudioTimeStamp *            inTimeStamp,
                              UInt32                            inBusNumber,
                              UInt32                            inNumberFrames,
                              AudioBufferList *             ioData)
    EffectState *effectState = (EffectState*) inRefCon;

        XThrowIfError(ExtAudioFileRead(effectState->sourceFile, &inNumberFrames, ioData), "Read failed!");

        if(inNumberFrames == 0)
            return noErr;

Then I process the audio and send it to the buffer.

What I want to know is what do I put in the return to stop playback? I tried:


And that works, once. I can't start the unit again.

Thanks all,


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It seems you cannot stop a copy of a remote io. Rather than copying I used only the rio in my struct and now it works.

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