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As I record the video file for 1min it take 3mb of size as i want to post this file to server it is taking more time.So I need to decrease the time by compassing the recorded video file and send it to server.Is there possibility to compress the video file programmatically. Thanks in advance. Teja.

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Note that simply compressing it with some zip-algorithm (relatively easy to do in Java) wouldn't help you much. Try compressing the file yourself. (If it did make the file smaller, it would most likely already be a part of the video-file format, wouldn't it :-)

If you want to compress the video, you have to re-encode it with a lower bit-rate / lower resolution or something similar.

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hi aioobe how can I re-encode the recorded video with a lower bit-rate / lower resolution.please can you suggest me with any link related to it. – Teja Aug 18 '11 at 9:43
Honestly and unfortunately, no. I have no experience of doing so programatically. I'd suggest you google for android transcode video or android encode video – aioobe Aug 18 '11 at 11:18
@aioobe any link or code sir? – maveň Jul 6 at 7:44

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