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I have an input box that takes a number that gets verified in function opConfig.reloadPrice(). I set 2 observers one the same element, on 'change' it executes the code when I click outside the box or use tab-if the change has been made. On 'keypress' it checks if the return key was pressed then executes the code AND it also triggers the 'change' observer!! So in this case the function opConfig.reloadPrice() gets executed twice (and I end up with two identical alert boxes). The code that I have now:

<input type="text" value="" name="options[1]" id="options_1" onkeypress="return disableEnterKey(event)">

Event.observe($('options_1'), 'change', function(e){ 
Event.observe($('options_1'),'keypress', function(e){ 
  if (e.keyCode == Event.KEY_RETURN)  

I've tried several different solutions (I've tried 'blur' event, putting one observer in the other... )
I'm looking for a solution similar to this one jQuery-Two events at the same time

Thanks a million

Thanks to katspaugh I solved this. There were few things that were not clear to me, one of them is: 'keypress' event is observed before 'change' event, which is why you can set variables in one observer and check them later in another (this is also why it took me a while to understand katspaughs code :-) ).

Anyway, I change the code a bit that it suits me:

var enterPressed = 0;  

Event.observe($('options_1'), 'change', function(){ 
  if (enterPressed !== 1) {    
  enterPressed = 0;

Event.observe($('options_1'), 'keypress', function(e){  
if ((e.keyCode == Event.KEY_RETURN) || (e.keyCode == Event.KEY_TAB)) {
  enterPressed = 1;
  enterPressed = 0;  


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Save the current value of the input field in an upper-scope variable (up-value).

If the value changes in one of the events, fire the handler and update the upvalue:

var oldVal;

  'change', function () {
      var val = this.value;
      if (oldVal !== val) {
          oldVal = val;
    'keypress', function(e) { 
        oldVal = this.value;
        if (e.keyCode == Event.KEY_RETURN) {

Also, you'd better remove the inline listener in HTML (and never add them again):

<input type="text" name="options[1]" id="options_1" />


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Thanks katspaugh for such a quick respond, however it's still executing twice when change has been made and return key is pressed: change + tab = OK, change + click out = OK, change + enter = executes twice (not OK) – jazkat Aug 18 '11 at 7:58
I tweaked it to a working example, but you should understand the general idea: a shared variable that you check/update in each handler. – katspaugh Aug 18 '11 at 9:13
Yep, and I appreciate it, but it's still giving me the same issue which I'm trying to get rid of - when value is changed and return key is clicked the function is executed twice (and thus giving me 2 pop-ups). I can't think of any good solution to prevent that... :-/ – jazkat Aug 18 '11 at 11:46
Strange. What browser do you check it in? In Chrome it alerts only once in my demo ( – katspaugh Aug 18 '11 at 11:57
I'm using Firefox 3.6 and FF 5.0 - same result. – jazkat Aug 18 '11 at 12:22

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