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I want to store authentication token, that i received from log-in response.

It is right to use for this NSUserDefaults? Or I must use KeyChainWrapper?

What is the best way store authentication token?

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It is safer to store them in the Keychain (btw. is awesome).

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+1 for SFHFKeychainUtils, they make the keychain a lot easier! – joerick Aug 18 '11 at 8:29

@Akshay, NSUserDefaults is not the way to go at all... As soon as you delete the app from the iphone the NSUserDefaults entries get lost and won't be available after that again. KeyChain is much much safer for that kind of need.


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Checkout SFHFKeychainUtils on GitHub:

[SFHFKeychainUtils storeUsername:aUsername andPassword:aPassword forServiceName:@"MyService"  updateExisting:TRUE error:&anError];

there is also getPasswordForUsername and deleteItemForUsername

edit- and cortez has provided link in his answer

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NSUserDefaults is the way to go. It is the simplest.

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