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Is there a possibility to place a web-app style (CSS files and images) in a reusable maven project? To use this "style-projects" with other WAR projects.

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It is possible to use a war-packaged project as a dependency in maven. This is called a "war overlay". It means that your resulting war file is a combination of the files from the dependency and your project copied over them:


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You can use the maven assembly plugin to build a zip file of the styles. Add it as dependency to your war project and unzip it in a folder within /target. Then adapt the maven-eclipse-plugin configuration to link to this unzipped folder (if used/needed) and adapt the packaging of the war, so that it includes the styles from the folder.

I did this for some projects a while ago but didn't remember every detail. It was quite a bit of work at the beginning but works smoothly afterwards. Before that we had the styles at a central folder in the svn repository and included it via svn externals, but people accidentally changed the central styles quite often.

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I've been into this situation and got to the point of unzipping the stuff in the target folder and into the webapp folder but at the end, users in eclipse or netbeans had to modify their conf to point there, using symbolic links was the faster thing to do. –  Eldelshell Oct 23 '11 at 10:04

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