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my $r = shift || Apache2::RequestUtil->request;
my $request = Apache2::Request->new($r, @_);

I know it was designed to be used with mod_perl,

but is there a workaround so that it can also be used in CGI mode?

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Have you tried replacing those two lines with ...

my $request = CGI->new();

The Apache2::Request module wraps the mod_perl API in order to "mimic the routines for parsing query parameters". So any code that uses the raw $r won't work, but code using $request might.

But in answer to your bigger question, the answer is no there isn't an easy way to run code written for mod_perl under CGI instead. When writing new code you should either use a framework or write to the PSGI API which can then me deployed using CGI, FastCGI or mod_perl without changing the code.

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