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I want to create a push web application.

The service layer is built on WCF.

The presentation layer is built on 4

The service listens to events and updates its static property (a shared collection list) from the data layer. I am polling in my presentation layer and calling a method of WCF every second and getting the updated collection.

If a collection is unmodified, I return empty list to save network bandwidth.

To save the round trips, I want the WCF service to publish an event if and when the collection is modified. Is that possible? How do I achieve this?

Thank you

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You should have a look at , imho WCF Duplex Communication does not work reliable in internet scenarios (you need a direct line of sight between server and client). – Andreas Aug 18 '11 at 12:22
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WCF services allows duplex communication, so it can send messages to client.

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I had been looking for same thing but could not find anything with Push facility in .Net, Then I had to use Flex along with .Net.

You may get start from this reference

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