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here's the situation, i have 3 tables that look like this.

table foo
type number
a    1
b    2
c    3
d    4

table bar
number shape
1      square
2      circle
3      triangle
4      rectangle

table foobar
shape     colour 
square    red
circle    green
triangle  blue
rectangle yellow
triangle  purple

they all also have unique ids that I have not listed.
I have type but I want to find colour. now I could do three SQL requests to get it but as the SQL is likely to be the bottleneck so I was wondering if I could combine the three SQL requests into one request.

Is it possible to do this and would it run faster than three separate SQL requests

1 would return red and 3 would return blue and purple.

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could you show us an example of the output you want? –  Amir Ismail Aug 18 '11 at 9:19
Maybe if you explain the 3 requests you want to do it will be easier to answer your question. –  Johanna Aug 18 '11 at 9:21

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SELECT fb.colour
FROM foo AS f
INNER JOIN bar AS b ON f.number = b.number
INNER JOIN foobar AS fb ON b.shape = fb.shape

You can use JOINS to join the rows and use a where clause to specify the type you want. It would definitely be faster then doing this:

SELECT colour FROM foobar WHERE shape="SHAPE"
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Try something like this:

SELECT C.colour
FROM foo AS A, bar AS B, foobar AS C
WHERE A.number = B.number
AND B.shape = C.shape
WHERE A.type = '<YOUR-TYPE>'
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This is cartesian product you should use JOIN instead (postgres fixes this automatically though but dont rely on it for other dbms) –  Jesus Ramos Aug 18 '11 at 9:50

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