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I have to devise a push notification plan for some mobile devices where push is not yet officially supported by C2DM / APNS / BES ,etc. MQTT was also a good option but I could not get an MQTT Client for my required platform. (Blackberry Playbook, ActionScript only)

Going back to basics, I had the options of Long Polling and streaming. Streaming using a high keep-alive value seems good to me, as the development of the mobile app (it is not a browser) and the server code are both in my control. To maintain the connection open, I just need to ping the server occasionally.

What issues I may be facing in this approach ? I understand this would constantly open an HTTP connection from the device to the server. Would the battery life of mobile device drain quickly just by persistently opening a server connection ? ...Afterall the data is not being transferred, just by keeping the connection open...right ?

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You might want to consider Urban Airship or take a look at this realtime technologies guide.

If realtime really matters, I'm talking about seconds or milliseconds, then a realtime web technology using WebSockets or HTTP Streaming is your best option as they deliver updates the instant they are available. This sort of thing is best suited to the sort of application that a user is actively using during a reasonable period of time where they need instant notifications or are collaborating/chatting with others.

WebSockets are probably a better standard to be using with longer term technology considerations in mind since they are the first standard for full duplex bi-directional communication between a client (mobile, web, desktop) and server.

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If you app runs in a country where the network isn't in the best shape, then having all your clients keep a connection open can put strain on their infrastructure (assuming you are that popular).

Battery life is the other consideration, yes, a lot of devices aren't that efficient in keeping an idle radio/3g connection open and it drains the battery a lot faster than not having a connection open.

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What platform could you not find an MQTT client for? lists clients in just about every language I can think of and more than I'd like to bother using. The mosquitto C client library is very portable.

For battery life, it really depends what you're doing between the keepalives...

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Playbook supports only ActionScript. I cant find a supported MQTT client in ActionScript – WinOrWin Aug 18 '11 at 13:28

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