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I'm trying to write an expect script, part of the commands will be executed as a different user. So i need to spawn an kuu process, then send commands to it after user provided password. But how do I collect the output of those commands and print it to the user who is running the expect scripts?


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This can be done by using something like the following:

proc outputUntilPrompt {} {   
    global expect_out
    set prompt "ACT:*>*"
    set output ""                

    while 1 {        
        expect {
            -re "(\[^\r]*\)\r\n" {
                append output $expect_out(buffer)
            $prompt {
                append output $expect_out(buffer)
    return $output

send_user "$output"
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Use append output $expect_out(buffer) instead of set output "$output$expect_out(buffer)"; same effect, faster execution. –  Donal Fellows Aug 21 '11 at 16:10
Updated the code as per Donal Fellows comment to improve execution time. –  Sander van Knippenberg Aug 22 '11 at 7:11

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