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i wanted to create an xls file in IOS and i also need to do some data manipulation on it. Could anyone suggest me the approach that i need to take for achieving this. Does anyone know about any free/paid libraries for creating xls files in IOS.

Thanks in advance

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If your task is just to create a xls document then you just have to create comma separated values of the data you want to create and save the file with .xls extension. Hope this helps.

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Good old CSV. The format of champions. –  Dan Ray Aug 18 '11 at 12:25

You could use Google Spreadsheets to create a spreadsheet, manipulate it and then output to xls at the end. They provide objective-c libraries.

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To tell you the truth, .xls is a rather inconvenient format. Having said that, I know of no (Objective-)C frameworks for parsing them.

Your first option: reading the 1184-page Microsoft specification for Excel files.

Alternatively, you could try porting and then reverse-engineering this 1738-line PHP code for reading Excel files.

Either way, you're in for a lot of work. I suggest using something like CSV format instead, for which there are several Objective-C parsing APIs.

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