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I have a an entity referencing another entity by MappedLongForeignKey.

I am using the CRUDify trait and have a problem.

Entity 1:
title (String)
validTo (Date)

Entity 2:
fk_entity_1 (mapped via MappedLongForeignKey)

In the listings generated by CRUDify for entity 2 I would like to include a column formatted as

fk_entity_1.title ( fk_entity_1.validTo )

I tried to create a function returning such a string and adding that fn to fieldsForDisplay, but it seems fieldsForDisplay requires mapped fields.

Is this possible to accomplish?

* Edit * What I am trying to accomplish is (using the built in functionality of CRUDify for listings) produce listings as:

{Entity 2 fields}   "Entity 1"
 ...                Title_X (2001-01-01)
 ...                Title_Y (2011-02-02)

If worse comes to worst, I can roll my own listings, but I really like the CRUDify functionality.

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I'm not quite sure what you're trying to accomplish, but maybe you could override the asHtml method of the fields instead?

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Thanks, I will check it out. – Fredrik Jansson Aug 18 '11 at 10:38

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