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I have Ubuntu 11.04 and am looking to start developing Linux modules. I use Visual Studio for C development in Windows, but I guess that's not an option for Linux. What would be a good IDE to work Linux modules ?

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An older but similar question: what-ide-would-be-good-for-linux-kernel-driver-development – Eugene Aug 19 '11 at 4:42

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Depending on what you want to do there are number to choose from. However I think the closest one to visual studio equivalent will be eclipse.

From the FAQ:

Eclipse is an open source community whose projects are focused on building an extensible development platform, runtimes and application frameworks for building, deploying and managing software across the entire software lifecycle. Many people know us, and hopefully love us, as a Java IDE but Eclipse is much more than a Java IDE.

The Eclipse open source community has over 200 open source projects. These projects can be conceptually organized into seven different "pillars" or categories:

  • Enterprise Development
  • Embedded and Device Development
  • Rich Client Platform
  • Rich Internet Applications
  • Application Frameworks
  • Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

The Eclipse community is also supported by a large and vibrant ecosystem of major IT > > > solution providers, innovative start-ups, universities and research institutions and > individuals that extend, support and complement the Eclipse Platform.

One very exciting thing about Eclipse is that many people are using Eclipse in ways that we have never imagined. The common thread is that they are building innovative, industrial-strength software and want to use great tools, frameworks and runtimes to make their job easier.

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It is all just a matter of personal preference.

Apart from what was mentioned in a similar question, I would like to name two more.

In our kernel-related projects, my colleagues and I currently use Geany lightweight IDE which is more than enough for us.

I also use Code::Blocks that resembles Visual Studio 2003 very much, it also does its job well. It has more advanced code completion features than Geany, I suppose.

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Yeah, Geany FTW – Matt Joiner Aug 19 '11 at 5:05

Eclispe is always a popular choice and a very nice IDE

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Eclipse ( is a pretty good IDE. I have tried a few other ones such as KDevelop etc, but I have always found Eclipse to be the best and most stable.

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Eclipse + CDT + at least a dual core processor and some Go of RAM and it will be a great adventure to navigate into the kernel sources.

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