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How to create a plugin in moodle 2.0? I want to create a plugin , like if I enabled from plugins, that has to be enabled on the back/front end.

I was trying to see the file structure for how to create a plugin in moodle 2.0. Please help on that part I need the url or steps to create a plugin on moodle 2.0.

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The official site contains some basic documentation. Look at this page:

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If you want to create a plugin in Moodle, a good idea can be to download a module template. Basically it is a simple plugin you can modify for your needs. For more details you can see here. Please, note that the page is a work in progress, but I found it very useful for starting creating my plugins. There is also a tutorial you may want to read (see here), containing other complementary useful information.

Be aware that there are different types of plugins in Moodle (see here), having slightly different structures, and you should roughly know what type of plugin you are going to develop before starting developing.

Finally, if you want to see what are the common structures shared among plugins, you may want to give a look here.

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