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I have a database as follows:

_ID : SUBJECT : Topic : LectureNumber

1 : WMCC   : RF       :     1
2 : WMCC   : Fading   :     2
3 : CCN    : IP       :     1
4 : CCN    : MAC      :     2
5 : WMCC   : Planning :     3

I have to place the queries in a List using SimpleCursorAdaptor such that

1)at first all subjects are placed in the List only once(No duplicates), i.e. the List displays only WMCC and CCN

2)when I click on a Subject Name, a new list is displayed containing all Lectures on that subject. e.g. If I click WMCC a new list is displayed containing all lectures on WMCC.

I am actually facing the problem in achieving the first task i.e PLACING SUBJECT NAMES IN A LIST USING SimpleCursorAdaptor only once.


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Typically, in a "normalized" relational database, you would have a separate SUBJECTS table. What you have shown above is not a "database" but a "denormalized table".

You could get the unique set of subjects from your denormalized table (let's call it LECTURES) so:

       select DISTINCT subject from LECTURES

The query to get the set of lectures for a given subject:

      select * from LECTURES where subject =  'the-subject-chosen-from-your-GUI-list'
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Dear Tim, I got you point. But i must have to include _ID as follows select DISTINCT _ID,subject from LECTURES Because SimpleCursorAdapter needs _ID to work....However if i do so, the distinctness is removed because _ID is unique for every entry...and as a result i could not get what i want – Waneya Iqbal Aug 18 '11 at 16:56
The use of Group by solved the problem: String sql="SELECT " +_ID+"," + SUBJECT + " FROM " + TABLE_NAME + " GROUP BY " +SUBJECT+";" ; Cursor cursor = db.rawQuery(sql,null); – Waneya Iqbal Aug 18 '11 at 18:10

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