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How can I combine two events and create a new event ?

e.g : if the mouse leave the control and focus on another control (so that focus is lost) then fire event custom_event.

I'm new at WPF and I've got not complete the zen of wpf. If there is another way to do that, let me know.

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LostFocus event of a particular control already does that example for you. – CharithJ Aug 18 '11 at 11:34
LostFocus does not work properly on user controls. – icaptan Aug 18 '11 at 12:23
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It's possible in XAML with MultiDataTriggers, see this article from Josh Smith:

<!-- This MultiDataTrigger affects losers of the race. -->
    <Condition Binding="{Binding IsFinished}" Value="True" />
    <Condition Binding="{Binding IsWinner}" Value="False" />

  <!-- Apply the "finished the race" brush to
       the horse's progress indicator. -->
  <Setter TargetName="progressIndicator"
          Property="Fill" Value="{StaticResource FinishedBrush}" />

  <!-- Fade the race pit in and out if the horse lost the race. -->
    <!-- Fade away the RaceHorse's Border element when it loses a race. -->

    <!-- Fade in the RaceHorse's Border element when a new race starts. -->
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thanks for the answer, i could not select answer as true cause of lack of reputation, so i've upvoted it as i remember. now i can :) thanks ! (i see a red sentence on my info page above this topic, thanks for warning) – icaptan Sep 10 '11 at 10:54

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