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Is there any way to check the sub string is exists in main string or not. If exits, no need any another action. If not exists, I want to add some another string to main string.

For an example:

$a = 'Hello world';
$b = 'Hello';

I want to check the $b is exists in $a or not. If exists, i am sending that variable to database. If not exists, I want to use str_replace('Hello', $b.'World', $b).

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3 Answers 3

if (strpos($a, $b) !== false) {
    // $b is in $a
} else {
    // $b is not in $a
    str_replace('Hello', $b . 'World', $b);
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It returns FALSE if the substring is not found.

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You are looking for strpos function

remember to use === instead of ==

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