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Just out of curiosity, do Big table can be used as back-end for data storage for DESKTOP applications(stand alone applications).

Suppose a scenario:

  1. Application start and check automatically for Internet access.
  2. Once connection exists, we can perform CRUD operation on Big table through application.

Is this possible? If yes,is there any documents/link available on this.

Thanks, Sunil

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There is nothing "out of the box" to do this for you, but in theory this is no different from having a web-based GUI performing CRUD operations against the datastore. Your desktop app will still be communicating with your appengine app via HTTP requests.

  • You would still have to decide on how to structure you data in the datastore.
  • Choose an authentication mechanism (take a look at OAuth)
  • Write an API to deal with your CRUD requests (checkout protorpc)
  • Choose a serialization format that you will be communicating with (probably JSON)
  • Write a python client to communicate with your app (protorpc makes this really easy)
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Hello Chris,thank you for your answer. will update you soon after going through some of the suggestions.Thanks again :-) –  SRC Aug 20 '11 at 12:10

You can upload and download data in CSV or XML format through the bulk loader toolhich doesn't solve your problem, w. Alternatively you could develop an API to do your remote CRUD work through.

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