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I have to draw a graph in Perl or PHP. Can you show me any sample code to read from the text or CSV file and plot a graph or chart of pie?

Data would be like this sample in a CSV or text file:

01/01/2010  0 
01/02/2010  1
01/03/2010  2
01/04/2010  3

Another set of data in text file for chart

Column A 20
Column B 10
Column C 02

I want to display the value for each column in my pie chart.

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3 Answers 3

There is a perl charting module GD::Graph you can take a look at.

It is pretty old and has limitations, but it can produce simple charts.

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You could use google's charts api to generate an image from the data.

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I have been using PHPExcel for over a year now; I think it's one of the best PHP Excel tools out there (it does CSVs too). You can import the CSV file, generate a graph, and export it in just a few lines of code.

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