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I have a variable obj: Option[MyObject] and want to extract multiple variables from it - if the object is not set, default values should be used.

Currently I do it like this:

val var1 = obj match {
    case Some(o) => e.var1
    case _ => "default1"
val var2 = obj match {
    case Some(o) => e.var2
    case _ => "default2"

which is extremely verbose. I know I could do it like this:

val var1 = if (obj.isDefined) obj.get.var1 else "default1"
val var2 = if (obj.isDefined) obj.get.var2 else "default2"

which still seems strange. I know I could use one big match and return a value object or tuple.

But what I would love is something similar to this:

val var1 = obj ? _.var1 : "default1"
val var2 = obj ? _.var2 : "default2"

Is this possible somehow?

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How about this?"default1")

or, if you prefer this style:

obj map (_ var1) getOrElse "default"
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cool idea, looks great! – stephanos Aug 18 '11 at 14:20

Another variation would be to use a version of the Null Object Pattern and use the object directly

//could also be val or lazy val
def myDefault = new MyObject {
  override val var1 = "default1"
  override val var2 = "default2"

val myObj = obj getOrElse myDefault

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To extract multiple values from an Option I'd recommend returning a tuple and using the extractor syntax:

val (val1, val2) ={o => (o.var1, o.var2)}.getOrElse(("default1", "default2"))
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