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I have a project that has three models: one base model, and two models that derive from the first.

There are "editor" views for the derived models so the user can create/edit/delete. My problem is that these models share a lot of functionality (obviously). There are controls that would ideally be pulled out and put into their own views for each editor view to consume. My problem is that I also have a lot of drag and drop functionality going on where the user can drag an item out of a list from the base model, and drop it into a list on the derived model.

I was going to pull out the shared controls and create editor views for the derived models, and also create views/viewmodels for the shared controls that the editor views consume using ContentControl (or something similar). Unfortunately I forgot about the drag-and-drop and I can't seem to drag from the shared control view to the editor view.

Is there a solution to this, other than completely annihilating DRY?

An example of how the code would look is this:


public class BaseModel
    string Name;
    int Id;

public class DerivedModelOne
    string SomeProperty;
    IEnumerable<string> ListOfSomeKind;

public class DerivedModelTwo
    int AnInteger;


public class BaseEditorViewModel
    public BaseModel;
    // And other such required properties

public class DerivedOneEditorViewModel
    public BaseEditorViewModel;
    // And all the other properties for this model...

public class DerivedTwoEditorViewModel
    public BaseEditorViewModel
    // And all the other properties...

And then the views for the derived editor views would be:

        <ContentControl FOR THE BASE />
        <Label />
        <TextBlock />

I am also using INotifyDataErrorInfo but so far only on the derived view models. And in order for this to work (I think) I had to create properties on the derived view models for the base model properties (Name and Id) that get and set the corresponding properties on the base view model. Seems very dirty to me!

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What does stop you from deriving INotifyDataErrorInfo in you base class? –  Andrey Gordeyev Aug 18 '11 at 16:18
Similar functionality can be moved to a base class for view models or to a user control for views. –  vorrtex Aug 19 '11 at 12:24

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