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Is it possible to do that?
I have made a custom annotation that checks if 2 fields are equal from here.
I would like to validate if a field "password" is equal to another field "confirmedPassword". Now if they are not, I'd like the error message to be displayed linked to the confirmedPassword field. I display errors in jsp with <form:errors path="" />. Is there another way to do this? Also there could also be another 2 fields in this annotation email and confirmedEmail. How could I make the distinction between which global error to put where...

I hope it all makes sense..

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This thread from the Hibernate Validator forums seems to indicate that you want to add something like the following code to your custom validator's isValid() method:


constraintValidatorContext.buildConstraintViolationWithTemplate( errorMessage ).addNode("confirmPassword").addConstraintViolation();

The .addNode("confirmPassword") bit looks from the docs like it will customize the path of the error:


Then you should be able to show just the error for confirmPassword by using path="confirmPassword" in your error tag.

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Thank you very much:). It works perfectly. –  Marius Aug 19 '11 at 6:25
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